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Botanical Treasures

Diana Hall

11 Maple St Franklin NY 13775


We are open May through August.


Saturday - Sunday, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.


Botanical Treasures is a small one-of- a-kind garden shop dedicated to those who are passionate about nature’s beauty.


Each year, we cultivate unusual specialty plants and pair them with unique and beautiful garden containers to create a living work of art for your home and garden. The shop specializes in faux bois vessels and furniture.








Every year will inspire new plantings

so be sure to visit every season!

Some of the plants that I am growing are listed below:


  • Salvia Silver Sage- that have furry leaves

  • Hollyhock Antwerp- that resist rust

  • Tomato Black Beauty

  • Purple sprouting broccoli

  • Fish Pepper- with variegated leaves and fruit

  • Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry

  • Golden Sunshine Runner Beans- with chartreuse foliage

  • Foxglove giant yellow

  • Foxglove Pam’s split

  • Foxglove Polkadot Polly

  • Artichoke Rouge d”Alger Carddon

  • Nicotina Sylvestris







Elizabeth Nields


We proudly feature works of Gilbertsville ceramicist Elizabeth Nields.  Elizabeth is a local treasure whose unique pieces range from utilitarian to inspirations from ancient cultures and times. She also offers summer workshops at her wonderful country home and studio.


Karen Fawcett


We also feature the works of Karen Fawcett, a British sculptor that creates life size woodland animals. The Karen Fawcett Studio creates these lifelike sculptures using the British countryside as inspiration. The sculptures are hand crafted and finished to a very high level of detail; each piece is therefore individual and unique.  All works are either signed, or stamped to ensure it is an authentic piece.


Flat Earth Design


Flat Earth Design’s furniture, sculpture and containers can also be found in Botanical Treasures. Artist and owner Richard Taylor has perfected the art of mold making capturing every detail of the original piece.  Flat Earth Designs manufacture the very best items made from concrete for the home and garden.  Their faux bois pieces look so real you have to touch them to believe it.



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